Five second spot assaults thirty-second spot online

If the thirty second spot is the King of TV land then the five-second spot is sure to take the reign over the Internet

Since the invent of the Internet, advertising executives have been faced with the problem of trying to figure what the future of the online digital landscape of advertising will be.

The five-second spot could be the solution.

Thanks to MTV and the fast cut generation born from specialized programming the average viewers attention span is now three to five seconds. The five-second spot plays directly into that concept and into the hearts of the hardest demographic to crack 11-24 and that’s just the way the kids like it. They don’t have 30 seconds to waste, but get a free phone call for watching a five second spot and they are good with that.

Five-second spots can be concepted around a specific platform to allow for a more enjoyable user experience in the online digital Universe.

These spots not only work in the fabric of online and TV entertainment, but fits seamlessly into other entertainment platforms such as Video Games, Cell Phones, wearables, portables, et cetera.

How does this benefit the client?

It usually takes three to five seconds to load your requested information online, and then you are given the option to skip after five seconds. Most advertising executed online are thirty seconds spots. This means that the client is not conveying the concept of their product fully.

Why skip in five seconds when you can convey the concept of your product/service to a targeted audience IN five seconds. Problem/Product/Solution. The 5 sec spot is simple and straight forward, which allows the creatives to convey the concept of their campaign. This would guarantee the client one hundred percent viewers ship in turn making it more cost effective for its shareholders.

Performer rates for these spots should be at least a twelve thousand dollar buyout for one year internet usage and a one thousand dollar shoot day for 8 hrs. This payment fits perfectly and is fair for clients, Ad Agencies, and Performers considering usage, exposure, and viewer ship in the online Universe.

How does this affect you the actor. You now must be able to execute the client’s concept simply and clearly. This will be extremely hard to do for most actors and especially non-union performers, as most actors are unaware of the client’s concept and how to properly execute it in the audition room. So here’s the secret. Concept is simply what are they selling, how are they selling it, then lastly can the actor execute the clients concept clearly and precisely in five seconds? (See video examples below)

One thing is for sure, the internet will continue to grow at a staggering rate and advertising will continue to mirror that growth, only time will tell if the five second spot will conquer the thirty second spot for supremacy as the choice for online advertising.

Video examples created out of  The Concept Of adult class.
Videos/Actors:  Oscar Balderrama and Sam Platt.