Why do I call it a “showcase” instead of an “audition”? Because this is your time to shine! This is what you moved to L.A. for! This is why you have invested hours upon hours in class studying and performing! This is why you left being around your friends and family! This is why you skipped college, a promotion, even a marriage.

So you could do what? One simple thing: Follow your dream.

I am here to say that it is truly possible to have an amazing successful career in the entertainment industry, because all you have to do is click your shoes three times and say one thing: I believe.

Just simply believe in yourself. Believe that you are special. Believe that you have something to offer that no one else has. (Some would say that’s confidence.)

Success is not defined by others, but only by what YOU define it to be. You will always be the defining factor in your successes.

That being said, here is a simpleton way of thinking about your auditions or rather, your showcases.

Basically this is your time to prove to the casting director, creatives, and director that you understand what type of project they are creating.

Let’s not get it twisted. You have just driven two hours to Beverly Hills from Hollywood. Not to mention you have to go back to Hollywood for another audition. Oh, guess what? You just got a text about a last minute showcase. Back to Beverly Hills! Ugh! Another two hours.

Remember this is your showcase. I, as the casting director, should feel privileged that you are in my office. I should respect the time you have invested in just getting to your showcase.

I know most casting offices do not believe in this, I wish they did, but they don’t.

If the casting director does not agree with my simpleton philosophy then here are a few reminders to help get you through the rough offices.

Remember I, as the casting director, am defined by one thing: The choices I offer my clients, meaning you!

I am only as good as you are. If you suck, I suck. If you rock, I rock! I always want you to be successful. The better you are, the better I am. No matter how negative, mean, ugly, or unwelcoming I may seem, never let the casting director define your audition, ever!!!

Remember why you have given up so much to be an actor. Remember that first laugh you got, that first tear you stimulated, that one member of the audience that you were able to move.

Don’t forget this is just a simple process. The process of simply seeing if you and your style fit into my portrait or painting a still life, film, play, family argument, or commercial.

This is your chance to showcase your ideas of our concept/project and how you would execute them.

Like they say, keep it simple silly.

Remember: Train, be happy, enjoy life, and most of all, know that the impossible is truly possible if you try. Now go out there and prove you are an actor who can deliver on their concept!

Break a leg!

Robert Jr began his career casting feature films primarily for Oliver Stone, Steven Spielberg, and Ron Howard, but after crossing paths with Steve Jobs,Robert Jr began extensively casting Apple’s high profile World Wide product launches including the first iMac, iBook, Power Mac G4, Mac OS X, and iPod campaigns and has gone on to cast 1000’s of commercials, film, and TV projects. His casting company Digital Dogs Casting is best known for their unique, award-winning campaigns and a flair for blending improv and witty dialogue with performance-driven spots.

Robert Jr recently released, “The Concept of Acting” an audiobook that delves into the complexities of performing for Film, TV, and commericals and is based on his award winning acting theory, TheConceptOfActing.com.

By Robert B. Martin, Jr. | Posted March 15, 2013 Backstage.com