International problem solver specializing in the field of Neurological responses.

Robert Jr is responsible for providing specialized entertainment services helping guide entrepreneurs and entertainment creatives to take decisive actions and make creative choices, so they can put their greatest work into the world.

A Strategic, flexible, and innovative leader with a record of exceptional performance at the highest senior levels with a historic portfolio of outstanding performance achievements in Entertainment services.

His entertainment companies are best known for their unique, award-winning campaigns and flair for blending improv and witty dialogue with performance-driven spots.

Robert Jr began casting feature films primarily for Oliver Stone, Steven Spielberg, and Ron Howard, but after crossing paths with Steve Jobs in the film world, he began casting Apple’s high profile global product launches including the first iMac, iBook, Power Mac, Mac operating systems, and iPod campaigns and has cast 1000’s of commercials, Film and TV projects.

A conceptual, creative and critical thinker with sound judgment, reasoning and decision-making capabilities within complex and diverse situations/organizations both International and Domestic.

Outstanding communication skills; teaching, coaching, and mentoring with the ability to motivate and empower professional performers, civilians, and Government organizations to deliver exceptional results in fast paced corporate America and the entertainment industry worldwide.

Extensive public-speaking experience before; Educational institutions, Law Enforcement Agencies, Federal Unions, US and foreign government leaders, ambassadors, board of directors and all forms of global media.

Creative storytelling expertise, award winning writer, director, and producer of Feature Films, branded content, commercials, pilots, presentations, PSA’s, and series.

Executive Division

• Responsible for all aspects of filmmaking including but not limited too research, acquisition, development, pre-production, production, post-production, publicity & marketing, release (theatre, web, & DVD), and after effect.

• Advise executives and clients on strategic and complex business concepts, risk matters, labor/guild issues, deployment of company assets, operations, and R&D to help further the clients mission.

• Develop scripts, talent, and properties that inspire and engage the consumer experience/confidence in the brand/project.

• Structure, negotiate, and draft complex deals and agreements.

• Create budgets, production materials and other related information pertaining to projects.

• Social media launches from various platforms which blend naturally in the online/digital landscape of advertising, focusing on inventive concepts, trending pop culture topics/events, new forms of mass communication and programming/advertising/social/political trends.

Production Division

• Established reputation and relationships with major studios, production companies, talent, producers, directors, writers, agents, managers, and the creative community at large.

• Works with every major commercial director and every major advertising agency in the world.

•Specializing in celebrity campaigns, product launches/re-launches, consumer controlled advertising, and client direct advertising. Projects include Feature films and commercials including SAG (union) and Non-Union, Internet Only, Print, cross marketing, consumer controlled advertising, and Real People campaigns.

Branded Content Awards: Nice Guys Finish Last – Best of Film Festival – Winslow International Film Festival. Opening festival film: San Francisco International Film Festival, Sonama International Film Festival, and Winslow Film Festival…to name a few.

Audience Award Winner for Best Film: NoDance Film Festival, Dances With Films, and Independent LA Film Festival.

Awards: Wrote and directed a package of award winning Anti-Smoking spots for Maris, West, & Baker

Slo.Graffiti Tags Robert Jr
Slo.Graffiti, a satellite of Los Angeles-based Palomar Pictures, lineup of directors and artists comprises Doug Aitken, Luc Besson, Gregory Crewdson, John Dahl, Rafael Fernandez, John Frankenheimer, Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Neil Jordan, directing collective Game Theory, Greg Motolla, Tony Oursler and the Snorri Brothers.

SHOOT Friday January 26, 2001 KATHY DESALVO – Excerpts from the article

Slo.Graffiti executive producer Laura Howard added, “Part of the reason I’m interested in Robert is because the M.O. of my company is to do commercials, short films and alternative projects. Like all my directors, Robert is able to do [diversified projects]. He can take a blank piece of paper and make something from it. I’m definitely interested in him for all of his skills.”

Assessing Martin as a brilliant casting director, Howard said that he benefits as a helmer from his exceptional understanding of character and how to work with actors. “And I love his energy,” she observed.

“One of the main things that attracted me to Slo.Graffiti,” continued Martin, “was not only the artists there, but what the artists represent. It sort of reminds me of the way things used to be done in the old Hollywood studio system, where the actors were under one [studio]… Slo is like a creative conglomerate of brilliant people who do amazing work, and they all help each other.”

Martin has written and directed several comedic spec spots: “Plant Lady,” “Kitchen” and “Bunk Bed” for IKEA, and “Locker Room” for The spots illustrate his penchant for offbeat comedy. “Kitchen,” for instance, depicts a couple arguing in a kitchen. An element of confusion is introduced when a stranger inexplicably wanders in, and the woman impatiently asks the stranger to leave. In the end, it’s revealed that the fighting couple was in a kitchen display in an IKEA.