Career transition Consults

Robert Jr is an International Entertainment executive who teaches and works with leading professionals across all industries on career transitions, from consumer products executives, Top 40 recording artists, Business consultants, Major Studios, actors, broadcasters, Grammy Award-winning recording artists, and Tony Award-winning Broadway performers providing the secrets for a successful transition into any business or career.

Career Coaching

DISCLAIMER: Robert B. Martin Jr. is bonded with Hartford as required by California Labor Law. A class/workshop/showcase with Robert B. Martin Jr. is NOT AN OPPORTUNITY FOR AN INTERVIEW OR AUDITION OR REFERRAL FOR EMPLOYMENT OR OBTAINING A TALENT AGENT OR TALENT MANAGEMENT REPRESENTATION. The presence of any teacher, casting director/associate, agent, or manager is in no way a suggestion, promise, or guarantee of employment or representation. It is not an audition or employment/referral/representation opportunity.

We do not provide, advertise, or represent ourselves as providing a creative, directly or by referral to another person or company, managing or directing the development of a creative’s career or for procuring or attempting to procure an audition, or employment opportunity or an engagement, booking, or talent agent or talent manager, including an associate, representative, or designee, of a talent agent or talent manager.

The intent of this class/workshop/showcase is solely educational. It is a learning experience. Once the class/workshop/showcase is over, the teacher/casting director, casting associate, agent, manager, whichever is applicable, will not take or be given access to your headshot, resume, business card, DVD, or any other promotional materials. These materials will be used during the class/workshop/showcase only. All materials will be returned to the creative at the conclusion of the class/workshop/showcase.

CANCELLATION of CLASS/WORKSHOP/SHOWCASE and ACTOR CONTRACT: Our actor contract and cancellation policy as required by California law.